August 06, 2000

Wisconsin State Fair

Going to the Wisconsin State Fair has become a tradition for us. Who would have thought San Diegans would be browsing their barns, eating food off a stick and waiting 20 minutes in line for cream puffs. This is Squirmy's first trip to State Fair.


More hay?

The last thing those cows want is more hay. But what kid doesn't enjoy feeding farm animals hay. (or anything they can find, which could include pocket lint)

Mooch digs watching the sheep get sheered. All I can say, is this girl isn't cut out for farming. There's no way I could do that all the time. If there was smell-a-blogsion you'd know why. It's August, and even if the fair opened at 6am the barns would still be rank.

Sheep Sweaters

Sheep in sweaters? I wonder, is the sheep on the right the favored? He's got the sweater of many colors. The other sheep are plotting their revenge. They might sell him off to the lamas. I hear they need a moving target for spitting practice.

Gigantic Piggy bank

People watching is fun. What does this guy find so amusing?


Mooch models her pig ears. Some day she'll be like, "MmmOommm, why do you let me wear those pigs ears in public? That's like, so uncool."

Grumpy baby

He looks thrilled doesn't he? I wonder why, it's only 150 degrees, smells like *ss and he hasn't gotten to drink bubbies in like, oh dear, 15 minutes? By the way, nursing in public at the
Wisconsin State Fair isn't that fun. It's roasting out. There's rarely a shaded place to sit. I found a bathroom to nurse in, where a bunch of us women were directed to a broken shower stall the farmers use. There the women nursed on the same bench. It was hot, sticky and without any ventilation. Even the cows at least get a fan.

barnyard baby

Future farmer? Don't ask me what's up with my expression. It's hot. That's my only excuse.

R and kids

I think the J and Snoo miss the concept of a family snapshot? I have no idea where Mooch is, but knowing her she's off trying to feed bed hay to some kind of animal. Oh, and look how quickly
Chargers's fans will betray you. GO PACK! I just wish my husband didn't insist on wearing those wife beaters.

cream puffs

Mmmm cream puffs. Sugary delight. A nursing gal's breastfriend.

First cream puff

He's not too sure. Just means more for me.

pig's eye view

Pig's eye view. I swear this is like the world's biggest piggy bank. I want to rob it.



watching racing pigs

Squirmy's checking out
Saz's Old Wisconsin's famous racing pigs. The Husband doesn't like this picture, it shows he's probably been eating one too many cheese curds since moving to Wisconsin.

I guess you could say we're becoming Wisconsinites. It's a long way from San Diego, that's for sure. Now I'm off to get a shower. I so have to get this smell off me.