May 09, 2007

On Hiatus

Friendly greetings. I know I vanished again. For that, I am sorry. What a wretched woman I am. I have good reasons though and some good news. I will have blog posts. Lots of blog posts and lots of photos. However, they will be currently unpublished and will be published sometime in the future. When I'm home I'll try to keep up with your flickr streams and blogs. You can still email me at butterflynjesus @ gmail dot com for a shout out.

I know I should have had the courtesy to say I was taking a hiatus. My bad. My blogging has been erratic at best this last year and 2006 was a very tough year in many ways. I had something of an epiphany when people I knew had their blogs and webpages read by people they knew, who reacted in undesirable ways. My blog was receiving way more hits a day then I ever thought it would, some through unsavory searches, and I got a little freaked out. I've met so many great friends through blogging and sharing my photography, but I don't deal well with attention and so I'm a work in progress. I had to step back and evaluate my blogging situation for the safety of my family. Yeah, my offspring are twerps, but they're mine and I must keep them safe from boogeymen. And embarrassment.

I'll be crazy busy most of the summer and will traveling to San Diego, Kentucky, Michigan, and northern Wisconsin. Don't feel bad if I don't return emails right away, I can be a slowpoke. Come back in a few months to get caught up on the last few months of my insanely crazy and interesting life in marathon fashion. Until then have a fun and safe summer.