May 31, 2002

Boys and their... Dollhouses?

Who says boys shouldn't play with dollhouses? Yes, I know what it looks like. In one of the pictures it appears as though the T-Rex is humping poor Cookie monster, or as Snoo used to call him, Oodie Odder, but I can assure you it's just a friendly hu and this is a G-rated site. He's giving Big Bird a kiss on the cheek in the third picture which proves T-Rex is a lover and not a fighter all after. Either that or he's eating off Big Bird's face but Jakey's expression is just too sweet to concede to that theory.

Snoo had this toy when she was little, only she made sure to scratch all the eyes off of every character. They were staring at her and she didn't like that.

I found this house at a yard sale and swooped it up for old time's sake. As you can see Jakey bee quite enjoys the Sesame Street house so long as dinosaurs can chill with the baby puppets. It started off really friendly, he was just checking Big Bird out at first. Then T-Rex came into the picture. Sometime's he gives hugs and kisses and other times I hear a big ROAR and it appears he's stompng them to death. In the second picture, I'm certain the dinosaur is bowing in reverence to King Big Bird. What dinosaur wouldn't? It's not every day that you meet a ten foot tall yellow bird that sings and talks. Unless you went to Woodstock.