December 07, 2003

Best Dad or Best Schmoozer?

Awww, isn't that sweet. Out of no where, the kids want to
share how much they appreciate their dad. He's #1. Mooch made this for him. There' s some sort googly-eyed creature included. As you know, it's not father's day.

Could this sudden expression of love have anything to do with Christmas coming up? It's amazing how quickly children who often behave like spawns of the devil can suddenly seem like the sweet little angels their out-of-state grandparents believe them to be.

When they want something "You're the best ever!"

If Christmas weren't 3 weeks away, this wouldn't be so suspcious, but nevertheless I do declare my children are the cutest and the sweeetest ever. And apparently the smartest.

I give her an A for creativity a genius strategy.