February 01, 2007

Thursday's Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Butterfly Girl

1. I dislike my job. Leaving my husband and kids for $7.50 an hour is so not worth my time and effort, even if it's only two or three days a week. I'm quitting soon.

2. The man that fell and fractured his leg called me where did he get my numberto ask me if I'd write up a statement for his lawyer-he'd like a summary of what I saw and what the condition of the parking lot was like so he can get the townhouse insurance company to settle with him. Um, what did I see? I saw a man lying on the ground. I gave him a blanket. The condition of the parking lot was cold. It was lightly dusted with snow. It was probably a little slick since it was 7am in the morning. That's what happenes in winter time in Wisconsin. I don't appreciate him trying to get me involved as some witness for him when he's trying to SUE the townhouses I HAVE to live in until I find a house to buy. Dude, it's Wisconsin, there are no parking lots with radiant heat, you're going to slip on black ice.

3. My feet are freezing. I can't find my other super fuzzy-wuzzy slipper sock. When I do find the culprit that hid it, I'm going to sue for pain and suffering. My foot is numb and feels like a frozen rock. Since it's cold in Wisconsin in January (something my neighbor doesn't realize) my family should be held responsible for losing my slipper-socks.

4. I'm on a diet. I'm trying to lose twenty pounds by July.

5. I had three pieces of butter cake with chocolate fudge frosting today.

6. I'm not working on #4 very hard. Mea Culpa.

7. The three oldest are going to a Christian Teen retreat this weekend. I'm very happy for them. They need a break and some time to chill out with some friends. I hope they can forge some new friendships too. Their social life has been rather lame lately.

8. I have the weekend off without even asking for it. That's almost unheard of in the restaurant business. I'm keeping my ringer off in case they realize how stupid that was.

9. I threw out a whole bag of paper piles in my bedroom. I have no idea why I had saved so many years worth of receipts, bank statements, and other totally useless pieces of paper. It felt good to purge my bedroom of unwanted junk. I might even paint and hang some of my photography up.

10. Vinny is sitting behind me on the couch, after failing to woo me out of some chocolate cake. He thinks his adorable face and lip will get him anything. We believe he's chanting, "Wook into my wiiiiip." He's now asleep and snoring so loud I nudged him awake. They need to make CPAPs for Bostons.

11. How could it be possible that I'm only at number eleven?

12. King of the Hill is on. Peggy Hill cracks me up every time. Who wouldn't like an enthusiastic, freakishly large footed, unemployed substitute Spanish teacher from Texas? You have to see the episode where she dresses as a nun to teach at a Catholic school, even though she was still Lutheran "on the inside". And chubby Bobby Hill is so cool. "Hey, I don't know you. That's my purse!!

13. The Husband was looking at big screen TVs when I came home tonight. Tax returns are coming up and when we're caught up on bills (will that ever happen?) I have a suspicious hunch that I'll come home one day to find a ginormous TV in our living room. Our living room combo is rather cozy so that ought to be interesting. If it comes with a new couch, I'll be good. I think I can handle that.

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