January 29, 2007

Something Wicked Comes This Way

The last two weeks has been very odd around here. First it started with the fire, then a few days later The Husband got in a mild car accident, so mild the only thing damaged is the bumper of our new car. And maybe his pride. The next day I hurt my thumb so badly I thought it was broke and I had to cashier with ice on my hand all night. (I hate that I have to work PT right now, but I'm doing what a girl has to do)

Just when it seemed to quiet down, a day or so later I looked out the kitchen window to see about eight undercover police cars and what looked like a SWAT team of ARMED policemen with MANY big GUNS right OUTSIDE my very livingroom window. I didn't think it would be a good idea to get my camera out this time, but I was way tempted to. They were apparently arresting the teen boy across from us. The Kids were freaked out and eerily amazed all at once and getting them to ignore the situation was going to be impossible-as if they needed a new way to distract themselves during home school lessons. They had guns pointed at the faces of the boy and his girlfriend and their poor pudgy, scared dog was running around frantically. By the way, in the six years they've lived in these townhouses, they have never ONCE taken that dog outside. It's disgusting. I want to walk over and smack them. He must be going to the bathroom all over the house and the basement.

The Kids were going over all the reasons why he might be arrested, I thought drugs, but he's apparently "straight edge". Uh uh. It turns out he was annoyed with his fourteen year old sister and screamed at her and told her he was going to kill her. They make my family look like saints. I know the cops can't warn you about what's going on, but it would have been nice since they were literally two feet away from my window. I was telling the kids to get away in case gun fire broke out and I had no idea what was happening. Why would they need that many cops with armed weapons pointed at two teen kids? It's ludicrious.

Good grief. I'm sure the social workers will be over there soon, not that it will be the first time seeing as though their mother killed their father long ago and claimed "self defense." It has been reported by friends of theirs in the area that it wasn't so basically I live next to a nest of losers. The managment has tried to evict them many times. Nice neighbors to have, hey? The boys a thief too, he stole J's skateboard like five years ago. I wonder if the punk rock straight edgers are allowed to steal?

The daughter came to our Christian backyard club one year. She's very cozy with the pervert father of her friend, a man that lives with a mentally slow woman around here. I want to move.

Then this morning I looked outside to see a body lying on the ground. At first I thought some kid was either goofing and had fallen since it had started to snow. Then I realized the little lump of black clothing was a man. The divorced minister father of the fourteen year old that Snoo used to go to school with. The same one that told her she was a bi-sexual and is an athiest who believes in being a pagan witch. I'm not sure how you can be an athiest if you believe in many female goddesses, but teenagers are allowed to be confused. I opened the door and hollared to see if he was OK. He yelled back in pain that he was hurt and couldn't get up. He said he slipped on some ice and heard something in his leg and foot snap. He had been out there for five minutes on the frigid ground as snow fell on him. His daughter came out a few minutes later and she was crying. Snoo fetched a wool blanket, I said a prayer for them, and the neighbor and I waited for the ambulance..

The neighbors think the new year has been sort of a jinx around here. On a lighter note, the kids don't have AWANA tonight so we'll get caught up on our Esther Bible study and some family TV time. The girls and I have been enjoying the Hallmark movies from the Love Comes Softly books because we are a sucker for mushy, pioneer romance. I'll admit, the acting is a bit corny here and there, but we're country girls at heart and we like to swoon over the sweet romantism and homemade biscuits with canned jam.