July 20, 2006

Call me Crazy

Tomorrow morning I'm driving down to Whitesburg, Kentucky, with one teen boy, one teen girl, one preteen girl, one six year old boy, one senior citizen, one Boston Terrier puppy, moi, and The Husband.

We'll be traveling in a minivan loaded with a DVD so I think we might get at least 6 hours of drive time before one of the children impales the other. Just kidding. Sort of. Lord willing we'll arrive on Friday evening and return Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure three days are even worth it, but I'm the guilt ridden good granddaughter and I promised to take my grandma to the family reunion.

I've been to Kentucky many times before with fond memories. This will be the first time the other kids have gone and they are not too excited since Mooch told them it's full of bad food, old fat people, and strangers. (She was six when she went down there, anything that isn't mac-n-cheese is bad food, everyone is old when you're six. And, let's face it. Kids are honest. I think there's a few chunkies in our family.)

I do know that I can expect humidity that wraps me in a blanket, fireflies, morning fog so thick that you can barely see in front of your face, roads so curved and twisted there's mirrors on the shoulders, lots of fried pork products, cornbread eaten from glasses of milk, biscuits with sawmill gravy, corn so fresh you can eat it raw, large expanses of white fencing holding majestic horses, some of the friendliest people you've ever met, and a bazillion relatives that I don't know nor am I sure I even want to.

I can also expect to kiss the ground when I get back home and sigh in relief; there's nothing like sleeping in your own bed after being on the road for days.

July 18, 2006

Free Toys

Yes, I've been back, but I've been uber busy. I had to blog and show off my new toy.

Points in Time

Toys are cool. Free toys are cooler. Free toys involving some of your most interesting photos on flickr are the coolest.

If you don't flickr, I feel sorry for you.

I'll try and get some photos from the 4th up, but since my camera is sick not many of them are all that good. Plus, to my shame, I think I took more pictures of our new furry baby then the kids.

Don't laugh. Puppy love is strong. It has a way of getting a hold on you.