September 15, 2006

Regularly Scheduled blogcasting

Back to my regularly scheduled blogcasting. Life interrupted my blogging again. How dare it. Either I couldn't sign into blogger (why do they have so many problems lately?) or my silly computer keeps telling me: WARNING! You are low on disk space! Then it procedes to reboot itself whenever deemed fit. Speaking of blogging after a rough year, home schooling troubles, a miserable winter with S.A.D, and computer troubles I just haven't felt into blogging or writing. It's a tad strange sometimes too knowing a lot of people you don't know are regularly reading about your not so cool life, and you're willingly telling them probably more then you should. I've had a few weird emails this year. Then quite a few kids at my son's prior school got suspended for running their mouthes off on My Space about parties, drinking, and co-ed sleepovers. Ya' never know whose reading. It can't always been freaks searching for animal p*rn or panty houses. It could be your neighbor. Your pastor. Or worse, your mother.

Random thought: I'm bummed that I've missed my Thursday Thirteens. I had so much to blab about, what with my exciting life and all.

I'm tempted to just do them all now, but that would be cheating.

As I write this, my life has changed a bit. I'm still getting older. I still have too many bills. I'm still 20 pounds overweight who do I think I'm kidding, it's more like 30 pounds and I'm still trying to home school three children who could quite possibly make all fertile males and females run to the doctor to yank out their reproductive goodies. Did I just say that outloud?

What has changed is that I'm a currently employed stay at home mom, which makes no sense I know, bear with me. Since I work only at night and part-times it's almost like I'm still a stay at home mom. I'm working at a well known country restaruant/retail chain as a cashier. It's money and that's that. However, I'm not so in to my uniform. Brown aprons and pastel oxford shirts are so not stylish.

I'm also throwing things away. Lots of things. I'm on a roll and I'm getting rather giddy about it. And like all of us mommies know, no one is noticing. Why? Because they all had too much crapola to begin with. What I don't throw away I donate. What I don't donate I sell on ebay. DVDs anyone? Baby Gap clothes? LeAnn Rimes CD?

And the bestest part. Nothing happened. The ceiling didn't cave in. The children haven't revolted. The husband is saying, 'yes , dear' like the good husband that he is. Now if I could just give away these 20 extra pounds.

For those of you who have asked and who have emailed, Vinny is doing much better. He still has a long way to go though. His big bone seems to look good and one day the Vet wants to get the screw out. But before then, she'd like to take a few pins out, it's just that his little bones aren't quite healed yet. We are doing exercises with his elbow every day to improve range of motion. In the mean time, he's become this huge baby Boston. I can't believe how fast he's grown, it's sort of like how fast a baby grows, only seven times faster. Which is pretty fast.

Right now, he's currently my best behaved child. I choose to believe it's my world renowned Dog Whispering abilities. We're still raising money for his Vet care by auctions and donations. I'm still floored at the kindness of strangers. The donations have come in handy as xrays are about $70 each time, but thankfully the Vet is not charging us for the visit. Who would have thought that one day I'd be taking money from complete friends and strangers for a little poop-eater.

He's so worth it so I don't even care.

I got to meet Alicat of Something So Clever, who so graciously donated her web designing services for his blog. She is originally from my area and grew up here before moving to California. Her grandma's house is in my very own town not more then five minutes away. Talk about a small world. Sadly, her grandma has passed and her mom and her aunts and uncles got together Labor day weekend one last time before the house sold. It was a total trip to not only meet her, but to have her sitting in my livingroom. Way cool. I showed her my vintage Better Homes & Gardens magazines where the housewives cleaned in high heels and raved over every new product meant to make their domestic bliss easier. We're both magazines junkies. We both collect cookbooks and tons of recipe pull outs. We both are sick enough to organize them all in clear plastic paper protectors and file them in binders. We are both Christians. We both love being a housewife, only she got bit with the cooking bug and I stink at staying organized. We both love to bake. We both want to have land with a farmhouse and lots of animals. We have quite a bit in common. It's spooky.

She's as super sweet in real life as she is around the net, which I expected. She has the most amazing skin and super great hair. I hate her. When I met her at her grandma's house the first night, she gave me some yummylicious soaps from Shoestring Home in downtown Waukesha, which was very very cool. I have no excuse not to smell good now, except that my children don't believe in letting me shower seeing as though every time I try to, the noise I hear from downstairs sounds like a psycho with a battering axe is trying to wreck the house.

Then when she came to our house she brought some treats from the Elegant Farmer, a place I totally have to visit now. The kids were shy though as mom always tells them not to talk to internet "strangers" and now one of them was in their house and bringing us goodies. As soon as we left the room though they gobbled them up like banshees.

The only lame part is that neither of us took pictures. My camera has pretty much officially croaked and she just forgot and I forgot to remind her. Now she has to come out again and bring Letta and Puggy.

About my dead camera. I'm really, really bummed. I love photography. It's my respite. I was planning on taking some classes next semester. Now I have to buy another camera, which is not bad in itself, unless you don't have the money, which is pretty much my situation right now.

Damn those car payments. Damn those student loans. Damn those phone bills.

You know I love to brag how my children are the cutest ever so I will leave you with a picture of my son's first day of school this year. Due to his expression I'm calling it, Mugshot of a First Grader.

Don't worry, I've posted bond.