December 08, 2005

Yucky Snacks

"Mom, you don't have to give me yucky snacks anymore. I've got fruit roll-ups now."

Thanks his dad, my wee little son now thinks fruit roll-ups indeed count as fruit. My husband is a Sabatier when it comes to these sorts of things. I tell the kids they need to eat fresh fruit and whole grain cereals and he lets them have cereal that amounts to nothing more then crunchy balls of sugar.

Whereas, I send the child to school with apples and peanut butter or cheese cubes and grapes, Dad lets them have candy disguised as fruit leather. Or better yet, he let’s them eat Pop-Tarts for breakfast because nothing starts your day better than something less nutritional than pie and nothing ends it better than MICBSWS or Migraine Induced Cranky Butt Sugar Withdrawal Syndrome. I think the stores are selling tablets for these now. Look for them right next to the Sunny D juice boxes. So this morning LiL' J informs me that I've been fired from snack duty for the time being. Tsk Tsk. I’m known for being brutally honest so why should I expect my children to be any different? Don’t count on a small child to tell you that you look fine in that dress when really it appears that you’re about to give birth to two Billy goats long after your youngest child has gone off to college. With children, truth happens. Unless of course, you inquire as to which of them has been wiping their booger on the bathroom wall, incidentally located right next to the toilet paper holder.

Since LiL' J (5) is my son, so I suppose his bluntness should be of no surprise, but it still stings a bit. I’m sending that boy of to school with a Superman lunch pack with a built in cape, light saber spoons, and a monster truck ice pack. Nevertheless, I've been sending him to school with "yucky" snacks. My feelings are intact. I've toughened up long ago. I had to when becoming a mother. Otherwise I'd have an emotional earthquake every time one of my children-- whom I've given every thing and devote all my blood, sweat and tears for--screams I HATE YOU and YOU DON'T LOVE ME ANYMORE because I ask them to stop doing cannon balls onto the couch. In case one should think he's just an ungrateful brat, take another look HERE Isn't he cute? The poor kid is asking me ways to be less "hamsome" so the girls will stop chasing him at recess.