January 16, 2007

Inferno in the hood

Last night I woke up around 1:30 am to some shouting and what I think was something like, "Oh S@#*!!!" and other expletives.

Those crackhead neighbors, what are they doing now?

Then I saw the lights, more lights, and many loud sirens. When I tried to look out my window I could hardly see anything because the person or persons that designed these townhouses decided that a slanted window will, in Wisconsin no less, made perfect design sense. As I'm trying to peer out of a frosty window blocked by nine inches of snow, all I could see was an ambulance, several fire trucks, a dozen lookie loos, a pretty light show and several half dressed people running around in a frenzy. I thought I had transported into an episode of Desparate Housewives.

On a side note, the light show display could have totally caused a seizure. Totally. They had several vehicles there just to beam use portable lights all around. A must I am sure. But my eyeballs still hurt.

This is the view outside my back door after the huge lights dimmed. LiL' J plays with the boy in that lower unit. Their window was also full of flames.


Gone in a Flash



That's our van in front of the truck.

I changed the setting after a few shots, so this picture is a little better. My dying camera was in the low light mode in auto shooting. I wasn't about to go outside though and I was standing in my doorway with the freezing wind blowing in. Plus I didn't want to appear to be an insensitive, wacko with an unhealthy lust for fire. Cause I'm not.

Ironically, lately I've been thinking about what we'd do in a house fire and I've been worried that my kids wouldn't hear the smoke alarms or that perhaps we wouldn't since my husband likes to sleep with the door closed and locked, "in case". I'm not sure in case of what. Does he fear our children will sleep walk and use our large, sharp samurai sword to hack us into pieces?

I'm taking this as a big clue that I need to make sure we have a plan in the event that we have a fire-that everyone knows where to go and what to do-and that we're making sure all detectors work.

I still don't know if everyone got out OK, but I'm hoping and praying they did. The fire department got the fire under control rather quickly. Everything would be destroyed though and from what I can tell, at least two units were engulfed, if not more.

**Update- No one was injured. The cause of the fire is still unknown, but to believed to be faulty wiring in the master bedroom. Last night in a panic a man was unable to find his cat. This morning as the crew began going through the damage the kitty was located under a couch and appears to be unharmed. Who knows though how damaged his lungs are at this point. I'm not sure if he was taken to a vet for x-rays yet, but they say he's fine. At least there's a happy ending.