June 01, 2002

First Corn on the Cobb

Perhaps I should title this Why I Don't Take My Kids Out to Resturants. Apparently none of us explained to the sweet little man how to eat sweet corn. After he tried to eat like a puppy for a few minutes The Husband demonstrated to him how it's done.

Jake watched intently before trying again, but I have no idea what the heck Snoo is doing. Dear, it's sweet corn, not spicy corn.

This is precisely why we don't take our kids out in public these days. Not to mention I barely have any decent pictures of Snoo because she's either hiding from the camera, trying to poke the lense out, or she looks like a 10 year old strung out on crack sugar.

Now, I'm not sure if the corn is just so good it's making Jake crazy or maybe it's so bad that he's about to eat our thumbs off. Something's up though because Snoo is plugging her nose? Um, is she going to take a dip underwater or does the corn taste like seaweed or something? Sometimes I wonder about that kid...

Jake eventually gets the hang of it and puts on those charming glances. Even though he was leaving behind a salty greasy mess, I was too busy looking into those great big brown eyes. And wondering why I can never keep any clothes on the kid.