July 14, 2004

Bush Sighting

Apparently, my total lack of interest in politics is very evident as I had no idea that President Bush was going to be driving down our main street and passing my favorite bakery. To me today was just another ordinary day and my weekly routine was to head down to the farmers market for kettle corn and local veggies.

Snoo and J weren't awake yet, and it was already heading towards noon. I wasn't willing to wait for my mom to paint her face and do her hair up just for produce, donuts and coffee. As we started walking down main street, we noticed something was unusual. There were large amounts of people making their way down the street as well. There were some people camping out with chairs like a parade was coming to town.

Then, there was a massive amount of cops driving about. Either every cop car in southeastern wisconsin was out for donuts and discovered Ninos, or there was the largest crack house bust in history right near my block. Explains my neighbors.

Or, could it be the President was coming to town? I wouldn't have guessed the latter, but after feeling like I was in a twilight zone when I sighted the 50th cop car parked on my short walk I asked an officer what was going on.

Me: Sir, is something going on? Are we safe out here? Do I need to take my kids home?

Cop: (puzzled by my ignorance) "Maam, didn't you know? The President is driving through here in about 20 minutes"

Mom: "Oh my gosh. Melissa, you dragged me out here, the President's coming, and I look like THIS!!!?"

I guess what I learned today is to listen to your mother. Always do your hair and make up when you're leaving the house, even if only to buy carrots and popcorn. You never know when you might see the President.

bad hair day

Does that woman in front think I'm taking her picture. She kept striking poses at me and standing in front of the camera. She finally moved over and looked away. Nice pose lady, but I'm documenting the day my mom gets to see the President of the United States, with a god awful hair do.

sugar rush



We have helicopters hovering. Our town got some action today

bad parking job

Where's a cop when bad drivers park on the curb?

just a suburban

just a van

It appears the Bush administration is concerned about conserving gasoline?

bush bus

Could it be him?

bush waves

Bush practices his friendly wave. The only problem is, his driver is a speed racer going down the hill doing 60 in a 35. Oh well, if you click on the largest view you can sorta tell it's him.

The kids thought it was cool. They thought they were going to be looking at boring, stupid fruit and instead they got to see the President while eating Nino's donuts. Not every kid can say that.