December 21, 2001

First Snow

For all of you scrooges out there, so stressed by holiday fanfare, desensitized by retailers playing the same Christmas songs over and over, stale cookies, greedy kids, and the oh-my-God-it's-two-days-before-Christmas-and-I'm-no-where-near-ready panic, these pictures are for you.

If going out into the slippery cold is the only price I have to pay to see the joy on a boys face over the snowflakes, then I'll leave my warm house any time. Merry Christmas everyone!

First Snow of the Season

Do you think he's bundled up enough? Thank God he's still in diapers, otherwise the second I buttoned this gear up he'd be whining, "I have to go pee now."

Curious face

Adventuring into the flakes

Running away

Mom does exist!

Wow, the boy really does have a mother.

Checking out the snow
Toddler Approves

Happy face