May 18, 2006

Puppy Love

Some of you will remember that back in November my kids were trying as hard as they could to convince us to get a puppy. Not just any puppy, but a Boston Terrier from one of our best friends.

LiL' J was especially convincing with his big brown eyes just looking up at me with a hopeful look.

Back then we neither had the money or the time to house break a puppy in the winter. It's important to me to make sure everything is in place and I've seen how hard it can be to house break a puppy in freezing weather. Next to impossible.

Well, we still could probably put the money elsewhere, but that's true of everything. Here's a look at Nika's lastest litter. Tragically, two have died and two have needed stitches after being mauled. They think that Nika's one year old pup from another litter must have done it. Holly is a very sweet dog so the theory is she was probably trying to play with them or bring them to mom for attention.

Here's the remaining four and their mama, Nika.

New puppies

Mama Nika

We've never been "expecting" a four-legged baby before. We've always done rescues. This is exciting.