August 08, 2007

Pizza and Jesus

What do they have in common. Well, when you're seventeen, you figure out a way to put two of your favorite thing together. J, Snoo, and Mooch are all in Staten Island right now on a youth group missions trip. They're teaching VBS to neighborhood New Yorkers and tonight at VBS ten kids got saved. One of the kids was a boy from Brooklyn who J described as the quintessential New Yorker. He's in 5th grade-quick-witted, smart, and wry.

The boys didn't think the night could get any better after that. Then God created pizza. New York Style Pizza.

After a late night Bible study, J and two friends went out for pizza. They went to a classier pizza joint. Which is so not the way I've taught him. I told him to go to the dingiest looking place he can find. You know-where you'd be afraid you'd catch hepatitis. That's usually where the best and cheapest food is. But when parents aren't around and The Children have been given $80 for a week (with most meals provided), they're livin' the high life. Right? Only they don't seem to ever take into account how much tax is. They spent $40 on pizza and soda between the three of them. Then they each paid a $7 tip. I need to work on his math.

J calls me at midnight on the cell phone. "I'm so pumped. There's this boy that really looks up to me. He's super cool and he's really funny. I led him to the Lord tonight and I cried when I heard some of the testimonies. I can't believe I cried in front of people. And Mom, I had seriously, like the best and probably biggest pizza I've ever had in my life. You should have seen it. It was the bomb. It was insane. And uh, so yeah. Good night, I love you."

God is indeed good; very good. And my kids are actually turning out alright after all. Heh.