April 06, 2005

I am five now!!!

Those are the first words I heard from Lil' J this morning as he came running down the stairs at 6:50am with as much enthusiasm, excitement, and curiosity on Christmas day.

"I am five now, I am five now, I am five now."

Happy birthday to my Lil' man. I can hardly believe 5 years have passed. I know we all say that, but for me it truly seems a bit surreal. When we first moved here almost 8 years ago S was turning 5, and my 'baby' was turning 4.

Then all of a sudden I have this other child, a wonderful, adorable, sweet sweet boy that is today himself 5 years old! What happened? How could I have blinked so long?

Last night I made his requested birthday treat to share with his class.

This is at least the second year in a row that he's requested this exact same birthday treat. This year I baked from scratch, including the delicious frosting. Today it's a beautiful day, a fabulous day for a birthday. I thank God for grass turning green, birds singing, warm air, and sunshine. Hallelujah! AMEN!!

We're going on a walk now. Check later for pics.

Here's squishy leading the way. Doesn't he look five now?