April 11, 2005

Spring Cleaning turbo style

This weekend was beautiful and glorius. R took me out to an early dinner on Friday since both girls went bowling with a friend from church. It was the girl's birthday so they picked M & S up for McDonalds and bowling. The girl, Rachel, has 9 siblings. I can't imagine having 10 kids. Debbie homeschools them all, until they decide to go to the Christian school that J used to go to.

My girls couldn't believe how clean their house was, and how white their walls were. S was like, "Mom they have white paint! And it's not even dirty!" So I said, "See, others do like a clean home and it's possible! We only have 6 in the house, so what's the deal?"

Speaking of white paint. We are painting our kitchen this week. We had to use two coats of primer to cover up the green paint in our kitchen. Today we paint it white, with a semi-gloss washable paint. I have to be able to clean the walls often. Since for some reason (kids?) , our walls always get grimey. Here comes the turbo part. We have a list of to do's that have to be done before this Saturday. On Sunday our French exchange student arrives. Here's the list, and you'll see why it's a turbo Spring cleaning.

  1. Paint Kitchen
  2. Paint pantry
  3. Paint bathroom cupboards
  4. Replace cupboard hinges
  5. Lay vinyl by front entrance
  6. Put new pads on DR chairs
  7. Upholster new pads on chairs
  8. Slip cover chairs
  9. Clean carpets
  10. Re-arrange LR set
  11. Paint girls room
  12. Clean mattress
  13. Wash Pottery Barn Kids bedding
  14. Hang mesh valance over beds
  15. Pack goodwill bags
  16. Sort through toys
  17. Buy frames for pictures
  18. Hang up artwork & pictures
  19. Wash shower curtain
  20. Fix screens on windows
  21. Buy new window blinds

And so the list grows. Can I do it? Can we get this much accomplished in 6 days?

Stay tuned to find out if we're overly optimistic or just plain insane. Maybe both.