June 23, 2006

The Honeymoon is Over

So we're still in love with Vinny. He's everything we ever wanted in a puppy. It's like we've waited for just him. It's not about the money we saved for him. It's knowing he's the best guy for us. But the honeymoon feeling of all is happiness-giggles-and-glee at the ***** house is over.

We just got a letter dated yesterday from the management of our townhomes and the tone didn't sound good. Something about, "it has come to our attention that you recently brought a puppy into your home, blah, blah, blah."

The dog came a week early, so we had and still have, every intention on filling out a proper pet agreement and handing over yet even more cash for a pet deposit. They already knew we were getting him. This letter came from the boss of our manager and she's never that friendly. Our manager has been out sick for a month or more and she was always very amicable so this is other lady is a real kick in the pants. The woman filling in for the manager of our units is the mom of J's best friend. She feels bad about this.

We will pay the money tomorrow and get everything filled out, but we can't neuter a dog that's only almost 8 weeks old. Not vet would do that and even though humane societies will do it as young as 12 weeks, I'm not taking a chance on messing up his development or physical health. Basically the letter states that we need to remove the dog immediately and comply with the pet agreement and make the deposit or else face eviction. Ugh. Sigh. Why is it almost something?

We're not giving up this dog obviously, so I'm just going to bail to Michigan for a few weeks before I figure out straighten it out with the usual person in charge. We're looking to buy a house now anyways, but we're in a lease which doesn't end until March.Will just have to pay to break it. I certainly don't want to be evicted, but perhaps God's telling us to move sooner then later? We were planning on buying a house next year; now we need to look around.

Hopefully this woman will be reasonable. I'm not sure what her deal is, whether we brought in a dog without permission first (a long time ago we were told we could have one if we paid the deposit and paid a pet rent, but she doesn't work on the premises) or that she's just upset because she's learned many tenants have had dogs without ever even reporting them. It sucks that us responsible pet owners are being bothered because a few try to hide pets. That's how the assistant here feels too. I just found out that the guy across from me has a BIG dog and I've NEVER EVER seen him be walked, he must be messing in the basement. It annoys me to no end that she's not spending her time dealing with someone like him.

Rules are rules though, so we'd never avoid having the proper paperwork, we've been good tenants for way too long. Six long years. Not that being a good tenant is bad, just being here that long has been. :o)

Whose life is so sad and pathetic they had to call that woman that doesn't even work here to let her know we have a tiny dog. How sad.

***Update, since we did leave for vacation, the woman that works here informed her the dog left and now the lady seems to have chilled out even though he's back. One of the men that works here has a big lab, his wife has brought him over to play with Vinny, she adores him and Sophie is so gentle and funny running Sylvester over to Vinnny.