June 21, 2006

Our new baby is here

After waiting year before deciding to get a Boston, we ended up getting a male. A few weeks ago when I was at my friends for a yard sale we were having, J and LiL' J were helping with the pups. Both boys got attached to the same male. LiL' J wanted to name him Calvin after his best friend. Any time we think about getting a new pet, LiL' J wants to name him Calvin. His African Dwarf frog that died was named Calvin.

No more animals named Calvin please.

Logically, I started calling him Vinny instead. OK, maybe Vinny isn't such an obvious replacement for Calvin, but it made sense at the time. I really don't think I had planned on calling him Vinny forever, but it sort of stuck. My friend called about a week ago to say that a few people were calling about the puppies and she wanted to make sure she knew which male we wanted. I told her it was the one without the black spot on its penis. Now, before you think I'm a freak I have to tell you a story about LiL' J.

When we were at their house I caught LiL' J picking each puppy up ever so gently and examining its crotch. I was about to ask him if we needed to discuss the differences between girl parts and boy parts.

Me: "Squishy, what are you doing?"

Squishy: "I'm looking for my puppy."

Me: "Oh, well, um, why are you looking at their crotches though?"

Squishy: "Pecause I'm looking for the one without the black spot on its penis. That one's mine."

Me: "Ahhh, OK, I see. That makes sense."

So there you have it. We chose the boy without the black spot on its penis. I feel bad for puppies with black spots on their penis. They are picked last.

Look at these faces.

J and new friend

I can't tell which is more adorable. LiL' J has been counting down the days until "Vinny" was ready to come home. My friend called yesterday to ask if we wanted to pick the puppy up today, which is a bit earlier then we thought we'd get him. Of course we couldn't say no. His crate, bed, toys, and supplies have been waiting for a couple of weeks. Since we're leaving for Michigan the week of the 4th, it's good to have him home earlier to work on the house breaking.

Here's J, he's been as excited as everyone.

J and J with Vin

Here's the last two puppies.

Vinny's Siblings

The one with the collar is spoken for, the girl with the white tipped ears is still waiting for a home. That's the one the girls and I had originally wanted. I had a hard time not taking her home. She's just so sweet. She's the chubbiest of all and has the sweetest face. They all do, but she would have been a pampered baby girl around here. I think Vinny's personality is a great fit for us though and if we can only afford one, what can we do? We hae to do the best for the little guy we have!

We're all definately in puppy love now. It's shameful. We have joined the club of dog owners that unabashedly post pictures of their dog, talk about them like they are children, and parade them around to neighbors, friends, family, and anyone else that loves a puppy. Plus the dog is a good learning experience for the kids. I think we'll have some new inspiration for research. Ha! They are so gentle and careful and watch to make sure the cats don't bother him.

I have denied many things, but I've never said we weren't nerds.