August 30, 2006

Boston Kisses

Boston Kisses
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Butterfly Bliss.

I'm still here, taking it one day at a time. Life has been crazy, busy, weird, and stressed. What else is new, right? Puppies with fractured elbows, mother-in-laws wanting to move in with us, ear infections, strange rashes from unknown allergic reactions, broken teeth, pulled teeth, school starting, home school curriculum, and a new job.

Sometimes when life seems like poop on a stick, I just look at my kids and furkids and they put it all into perspective for me.

*Run around with wild abandon kissing others.
*Eat anything you want, who cares about the hips.
*Take long naps, eat, and then take another one.
*Spend lots of time grooming and pampering yourself, even if you don't have a boyfriend or anywhere to go.
*Don't worry about tomorrow, it will come soon enough. Just demand someone pat your belly and feed you cookies.

Silly Boston

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