March 14, 2005

A Child in France

Oh My God. I've actually let my child go to a foreign country without me. She's there. She's having fun. She's having CROISSANTS.

Here's the teacher's email:


The American students in Salon de Provence had a great day today. It was the first time we saw the students since they left with their families at the airport. We discussed similarities and differences that we noticed between American and French homelife. We were treated to a delicious welcome snack with croissants, orange juice, hot chocolate, and more. After a nice lunch (the French students get around two hours!!!) we explored the town. We learned how Marseillais soap is made, we visited a castle, and we checked out a church all before the end of the school day. The students reported that they are eating well and getting into a more regular sleep pattern. I think we tired them out today! They should sleep well. Bonne nuit

Mlle ****