March 16, 2005

My life is like

Merry go round
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A merry-go-round. I'm sorry I haven't been updating often. Life has just been crazy and it seems like it's spinning out of control on me. I keep reminding myself though, that God is in control, and has a plan.

My mooch is in France now, I'll update about that later. It was crazy trying to get her ready for the 2 week trip, all the while my van decides to start acting up. So I had to rent a car to take her to the school where the coach bus left for the airport. It turns out it's going to cost about $3000 to repair it so the guy said to throw it away. It's only worth about $3500 but we JUST paid it off last year. We don't have the money to keep sinking into this van, but if we got a rock bottom repair of $1500 it could work out. Or couldit? Would other things keep dying on it? Do we suck it up, and take on another monthly expense aka 'car payment'. I didn't want to do that, as we're trying to work our way towards a mortage & it would be nice to not have that monthly debt on the application. J is failing math class at this new school. S is back to going to the resource room for math, and she's always struggling with late and missing work. The pansy cat is still peeing everywhere. I am trying to Spring clean and get this house organized and clean before Mooch comes back, and especially before her French friend comes in April. Stop this merry-go-round. It's just not fun anymore. I've had all the round and round I can stomach.

That picture was taken last summer in cause you're wondering. I believe at a local park. The only kid in focus is J's best friend. It was a great capture. They look to be having lots of fun, right now, for me though, not so much.