October 03, 2005

Hey, Stupid

Yes, you. Stop looking around idiot, it's you I'm talking to.

Mr. 72.240.138, your spending a work day searching for "wet perverts completely dumb" Really, please. You can do better then that.

You shouldn't even have a computer, dumbass. Go play with Mr. 195.93.21 who likes to look at "soiled pantie liners". Yum.

Hey there, Mr. 66.69.32, from New Braunfels, Texa, you didn't think you were going to get "off" so easily did you? No pun intended. You really want to see "pics of women's nipples poking through top"?

You want nipples? You really, really, really do? Have you been a good wittle boy? Here's your stinkin' Christmas card nipples dork. You like?

Mr. 201.14.129 from Santa Catarina, Brazil. Now, now, I haven't forgotten you. You were looking for "melissa the butterfly babe" Well you found her. Damn straight, and don't you other fools forget it.

Dumb perv, soiled panty boy and Mr. Nipples, stay outta' my blog or I'm eating your liver with fava beans. Slurp.