October 04, 2006

Can someone remind me...

Why I've chosen to stay home and homeschool all day. And what was I thinking having so many of children so close together. And when do they start acting like human beings with coginitive abilities, common sense, and reasoning skills and less like little punks. And why must they eat all the toilet paper? Is it really too much to ask to have toilet paper last longer then 16 hours.

Where is it all going? How come they don't understand that you're not suppose to clean mirrors with it, clean your ears out with it, wrap your body in it; stuff your bra with it, clean the cat with it, fake a broken arm with it, decorate the banisters with it.

Oh, and can someone ask God to have me exempt from ever getting a stomach bug for the rest of my life? I think five days of puking and other unmentionable things is enough for one lifetime. The kids got sick for one day, but I was half dead when it was all over. I ended up in the E.R where some young, fairly cute E.R doctor was asking me about my bowel movements.

And what was the upside of that whole ordeal-cause you know I always like to see the positive in things-well I lost five pounds. As if it's going to stay off, its cruel I tell you, just plain cruel.