January 12, 2006

Brain Shaped Walnuts

This morning while munching on walnuts for breakfast I came across two that totally looked like brains.

There are two things that I know will happen to me. One, I will always find things left behind in library books. Receipts, cards, paper with notes about the book, letters, pictures, airline boarding passes...

The other thing is that while eating something, I'll find a resemblance of something else. I'm happy to report, so far I've never seen The Virgin Mary in my ice cream.

Oh, and did you know, oddly enough, if you crack open peanuts, on the bottom there's this little piece that looks like a lobster tail? And once when eating walnuts I found a perfect heart shaped nut. I took it as a sign since Richard was still in San Diego working. Eventually Snoo ate my special nut as she eats everything! My nerd self was heart broken. I still bring it up to this day. I'm almost over it.

When I eat walnuts I pretend I'm not looking, but secretly I hope to find another heart shaped walnut. Then today I find a brain instead.

What's up with that? The heart was much cuter. I think I'm done eating now.