January 13, 2006

Friday Four Meme

The wonderful Mrs. Fun tagged me on Janurary 9th and I'm just now notcing. My bad. Yep, I'm a slowpoke lately. It's always hard to limit favorites as I can never make up my mind. I'm truly a A Girl in Metamorphosis, I'm always changing. I do have the well worn pair of beloved jeans in all areas, I just can't decide which ones to "put on" when I get a meme.

Four jobs you've had in your life (Mom is the coolest, most days)

1~ Ranch hand- I milked a goat among many things
2~Target-Customer Service
3~Hallmark-Shift leader

Four movies you'd watch over and over (Some are ones I'm watching over and over at the moment)

1~Meet the Parents
2~Croutching Tiger Hidden Dragon
3~Shakesphere in Love
4~Girl with a Pearl Earring

Four places you have lived

1~San Diego, California
2~Novi, Michigan (plus Detroit and other suburban towns)
3~Snowflake, Arizona
4~Milwaukee, Wisconsin (currently in a NW suburb)

Four TV shows you love to watch

1. Lost
2~Grey's Anatomy

Four places you have been on vacation

1~ Captiva Island, Florida
2~Forest Falls, California (near Big Bear, I also lived there in 6th grade)
3~ Leota, Michigan
4~29 Palms, California

Four websites you visit daily

I don't have daily sites

Four of your favorite foods

3~ Smokey grilled Mahi from Tumbleweed
4~ Brownies with walnuts

Four places you would rather be right now

1. Tumbleweed
2~Movie Theater
3~Irish Pub
4~In bed

Four bloggers you are tagging

2. Ruby
3. Crystal


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