October 05, 2004

Big Oopsie

Aw, shucks, honey, where's the neck massager?

Some naughty little fun-haver was disappointed on Monday night. I have four words for traveling sex toy enthusiasts.


Ever think of that?

I've heard stories like this before. I'm never sure if they are real because it's hard to imagine anyone that dense actually knows how to operate such a "massager". I think we've all heard of enough people embarrassed by buzzing luggage. Nobody ever learns?

If you're into toys, own them/play with them/travel with them, don't you think you should know how to take the batteries out? Yeah, duh. Next time you time travel, try adding this to the list:

  • Remove Batteries from Magical Neck Wand

Either that or ditch it somewhere better then the trash can. Like the little old lady's purse next to you.

Buzzing Sex Toy Causes Airport Shut Down

POSTED: 9:36 am EDT October 5, 2004

BRISBANE, Australia -- The buzz in Brisbane wasn't a bomb -- but a

An Australian airport was shut down for almost an hour Monday, when
someone reported a strange humming noise coming from a garbage can.
Cafeteria manager Lynne Bryant said it was "rather disconcerting
when the rubbish bin started humming furiously."

Police ordered an evacuation while they investigated.

After about 45 minutes the security alert was canceled. It turned
out that someone had tossed out an adult sex toy.