October 08, 2004

My Secret Admirer

My "Secret Admirer" which is obviously The Husband, (sorry dear, James Bond you are not) showed me up and said my scored sucked. Ouch. I can't put up with that. Tchah

Ok, second try 276.4
3rd- 288.6
4th- 311 YEAH, I rock
5th- 190.9 Sigh. Now I know what it feels like to be Vanilla Ice and fall from glory
6th-195.3 Yeah, there's some hope
7th 205.5 Uh huh, I'm making a comeback!
8th 204.7 Oh come on!! That was clearly a 210
9th 205.3 This is getting scary, who would have thought whacking virtual penguins could be so entertaining??

One more smacking, let this be good....

306.6 YEAH!!! I cannon confirm or deny that my score is from more then ten attempts. And yes, dear, this is what I do with my time all day.

I just have your dirty underwear called out by imaginary laundry service.