October 06, 2004

Happy Birthday Baby

Happy 11th Birthday Mimi. You're one of the best things to ever happen to me in my life and for sure the best of 1993!

The world is yours. Hey girl, you are already on your way to France! In your short years you will have already traveled further then I have and you're surely much braver then I.

What can I say to describe you? Totally and utterly adorable. Everyone can see it. You make the girls jealous, the boys follow you, you elicit smiles, worries, and exaserbation all at the same time. In short, you make people feel.

Funny. Gorgeous. Dramatic. Smart. Naive. Insightful. Strong. Delicate.

Pure Love.

Thre are so many words to describe you monkey girl, but forgetable will never be one of them. You have a life and intensity that draws others like the moth to the flame, a butterfly to the wildflower. And you are mine! Why God chose me to be your mom, or a mother at all, is inconceivable. So who is the lucky girl here? Happy 11th teen day, girl. Now, go clean your room.

"Lo, Children are a heritage of the Lord;and the fruit of the womb is his reward."-Psalm 127:4