October 07, 2004


Neutral couch? Posted by Hello

Uh, no. We're looking for some new-to-us couches for our livingroom until we buy a new house next year. Nothing fancy. Something sturdy. And it must not be harboring Teenage Mutant Ninja Roaches.

I'm even willing to slip cover.

Now, I don't know how you define 'neutral' but this is anything but neutral in my book. It's about as neutral as a Hawaiian shirt.

Pillows will accompany the set. Great neutral pattern and can be decorated a variety of ways. Recliner in good working condition.

Let's look at this from a few perspectives. First off, I'm not denying this in fact, might be in "great condition". However, I just don't see how the hell this could ever be neutral? How many ways can you decorate late 80's or early 90's pastel southwestern style furniture? The word "variety" is actually used here. Huh? And puhleaze, keep the dusty pink pillows. My great aunt Rose might think I've stolen them from her doll room.

Oh, and since I'm being honest, that blue carpet is giving me a headache.

P.S if you own and love pastel southwestern "neutral" furniture, I like you just the same.