September 02, 2004

My To Do List

Still no time or desire to blog or take pictures lately. I'm moping.

1)Pick up my little man
2)Do Lunch
3)Go to mall for Gymboree returns
4)Look at all the stuff I can't buy
5)Complain that I can't buy them
6)Come Home
7)Complain that my house is still a mess (I also apparently think I have cleaning fairies that fly in while I'm gone)
8)Find distractions to avoid cleaning the mess
9)Break down and clean the bathrooms, kitchen and do laundry
10)Declare that I will not complain anymore or proscrastinate

Just to prove I'm serious this time, I'll post before and after pics of my clean areas. Which we both know likely will not happen on account of the last word of #10