July 09, 2005

A boy and his cat

We're back, and be assured I'll have an update about my fun yet crazy a** trip. In the mean time, here are pics of Lil' J and his cat. He misses his buddy when we leave. Can you see how he loves that little fur bag? That is the only reason we don't find this cat a new home, even though he pees all over the place, and then digs into the trash so he can throw it up everywhere.

When I try to bribe Lil' J to give him up for a little dog, nope, he won't hear of it. A boy and his cat, such is unconditional love. It's always that way when they (the kids) aren't the ones cleaning up the mess.

(right click to open in new window for a bigger view)

Boy and his cat

unconditional love