July 23, 2005

Wacky Wisconsin Weather

When I first moved here almost 8 years ago this August, I was told that if I didn't like the weather I should wait a few minutes for it to change.

They weren't being factitious. One minute is all it takes. No kidding. One moment it's as hot as two rats procreating in a wool sock and the next minute you're freezing. Or running for dear life to the nearest basement while sirens of doom are going off. Lightning is threatening to strike you dead and you can sort of imagine what 40 days and 40 nights of rain feels like.

Then as quickly as the Armageddon like storm came, it leaves. Then come the feelings of stupidity and embarrassment when you realize you might have just made a bunch of promises to God in exchange for your life (I'm more worried that if we were sucked away in a cyclone I'd die with a messy house, cat poop in the closet and Mt. Washmore unchallenged. How's that for piety?) over a rain storm. If you didn't feel like a total doofus already you notice all the while laughing Wisconsinites looked on. Yes, you laugh too. Go ahead, mock me. But when your from San Diego you rarely see rain. When you do, it's likely your house might slide down the hill.

During my first T-storm siren we all ran for dear life down to the basement while the other neighbors slowly finished their steaks on the grill. We sheepishly climbed back upstairs to realize we had over reacted. Just a little.

Yes, in Wisconsin the weather is a bit whacked. It's a heat wave one minute and then suddenly, you begin rummaging through your winter storage tubs for something with long sleeves.

Honey, where are my fuzzy, woolie socks?

Or you could be totally freezing your butt off and only one minute later seriously consider stripping down to your knickers because it feels like your in a microwave oven.

Only in Wisconsin.

San Diego, the weather may be 'dull' as in predictable, but at least you know what to expect. Would you like some smog with your sun? Or how about a heat wave to go along with the brown haze? Most of the time though, it's about the same. Hot, hot, and more hot.

There's are positives to this wacky weather. Sometimes the weather comes in handy when you need a good excuse not to mow the lawn, go to work, or exercise. Plus, I've seen far more rainbows in
Wisconsin. So I guess I've become accustom to the dairy state. Now like a senior initating the freshmen I get to laugh at other new transplants to Wisconsin.

Like today. We've escaped the severe thuderstorm of July 23rd and native cheeseheads are currently back out grilling and drinking beer. I think the new neighbors are finally peeking their heads out of the basement now. (laughing wickedly)