July 18, 2005

Maybe I shouldn't cook..

In an attempt to be both productive and housewife-ish I ran errands. Sometimes instead of being the Proverbial wife, I feel like an unindustrious housewife. Maybe that should be my new title.

I made a bank deposit.

Like, no way. (yes, I'm a child of the 80's)

I hate making bank deposits. I'd rather make bank withdrawal's.

I dropped letters in the mail.

I know, I know, I shouldn't hurt myself trying too hard.

I even bought laundry soap.

Laundry. Like, gag me with a spoon.

Then, I decided today would be a cooking day. Since I've repented of my carnivorous behavior I had to start cooking veggie cuisine. You know, get the week started off right.

My goal was to make ahead ziti, potato salad and chili.

It didn't go as I had imagined.

I forgot I was boiling water. Until I smelled hot plastic. Yeah the pan handles about disintegrated.

I think I over cooked my potatoes. I dropped an egg on the ground. (did you know hard boiled eggs can bounce?)

I forgot to put the crock pot down to high. I forgot the chili seasoning. Heck, I even forgot I was making chili so don't think it got stirred once in 2 hours. Then when I checked in on the mush chili I burned myself while stirring. To add insult to injury after shaking about 3 tbl spoons of chili seasoning I realized it was cayenne pepper. I haven't stopped sneezing since. Like, seriously. Oh, and since R had the great idea to put a fan in the kitchen window some blew into my face. My mouth burns.

My pride hurts worse.

And what am I thinking making chili in the middle of July anyways?

Maybe I shouldn't be allowed to cook....

I say we eat this for dinner instead.


Technically, funnel cake sundaes are vegetarian right? Ah, it won't do much for my butthigh though.