July 26, 2005

Long Sleeved Shirt

Sorry my friends. If you were already squabbling over my belongings I'm going to have to disappoint you. I survived. However, I can't say my reputation for being a tough chic has. I've made peace with the fact I sounded like a raving sissy to the whole world. Hey, every vixen has her weakness.

And, yes, I went looking for a long-sleeve shirt today. I'm so not making this up. This is how truly whacked our weather has been lately.

Today I needed a long sleeve shirt.

Today my son asked for a sweatshirt.

Today, I used a throw blanket while reading.

Today, however, I didn't complain. I just sat and pondered the craziness of it all while sipping my piping hot chai.

Tomorrow, I hope to have my ankles back.