December 24, 2004

Welcome, Christmas Eve

It's hard to believe the Christmas season is almost over. The last two days have been insane, it seems like we've been spending a lot of money considering we're going for a more modest Christmas. Actually, I think we have spent under $100 for each kid. Maybe a bit more for J and a lot less for Squish so it evens out.

Stay tuned for pictures of the loot.

If it hasn't been crazy enough with Christmas shopping I had to pay $130 for Mooch's passport. We had to pay for rush shippping since her school has to have her passport number in ASAP for the committee that takes care of the group. I didn't want to risk it not being here in time since the $600 we have put into it so far is non-refundable. I still can not believe my child will actually be going to Provence in the spring. I've never even been to Europe!

I said I wouldn't be out on Christmas eve but of course, but I lied. I needed more groceries for Chrismas dinner and stuff for our get together at our friend's house tonight.

I also had to get some last minute things today lik chapstick, a small spa bag for Snoo, stocking treats, and other crapola. I was pleasantly surprised to see how uncrowded Target was. When I had to return some stuff at the service desk all my former coworkers were either bored (they had five girls working there and another on the way), or just silly out of their minds. Working retail at Christmas time will do that to you. Every time I shop there they all want to know when I'm coming back.


Our grocery store parking lot was INSANE, so we went to the other one and ran in and ran out. We thought we scored because there were no lines. That might have something to do with the fact that Superman unloaded a cart full of food in the express lane.

I felt bad for the poor kid that was cashiering. He was very gracious. All in all, I've been so relieved that the stores haven't been crowded the last two days and I've been able to find what I need.

Target is already clearancing toys that people just paid full price for a week or two ago and the clothing is already going on clearance with some spring stuff sneaking in. It's just plain cruel to put out swimsuits and sandles when it's not even Janurary. It only serves to remind those of us who aren't going to a tropical vacation in Feburary that we still have about three months of cold and dark ahead of us. Jerks.

It's good business for savvy shoppers though. Anyone that has worked retail like I have knows the best time to stock up on electronics, toys and clothing is Janurary and Feburary. Knowing this the kids will be using their Christmas money from everyone to buy the clothes they want which saves me from buying expensive adorable clothes from TCP, Gymboree, Gap Kids, Limited Too and Old Navy only to see them sit in the closet because they're "itchy".

After our adventure out in the frigid weather I came back and made more mexican wedding cakes, stuffed eggs, and potatoes Au Gratin. We're just about ready to go. I'm bringing the potatoes to our friend's tonight along with veggies and dip and a chocolate cake that looks like a giant Hostess Ding Dong. Good Lord, I'm in love.

H is making the ham and rolls and other yummies.

We're actually quite close with this couple. Superman is the godfather of their two girls. In my family there were no godparents and I certainly don't think Adventists had godparents. I'm sure never in a million years Superman would have thought he'd be asked to be a godfather. B is Catholic and H is Lutheran. Neither of them really go to church. If it wasn't shock enough that the hospital actually let us leave with our child four separate times, now my husband is a godfather to two little adorable girls? How did we get so lucky?

He was totally honored and a bit floored when B asked him to be the godfather of their oldest daughter whose three months younger than Squishy. He worked with B when we first moved here and when B was laid off from their company years ago they were already pretty good friends by that point and we've been hanging out ever since. I consider his wife a very close friend now and since most of our family seem afraid of the cold we rarely get visitors around the Holidays. They've become not only great friends but a surrogate family and we're really looking forward to spending Christmas eve with them.

Four years ago we had no idea what one gives a god child at Christmas. And since we all know that women are usually the one's that handle Christmas I started giving the girls a keepsake ornament, a Christmas collectible and a small toy or outfit. The girls have more toys than Donald Trump has money so I thought it more special to get them things that will last and be apart of their lives for years to come.

I was informed just yesterday that the oldest has shot up substantionally and a size five won't fit even though she's only four. She's in a size six already. So the adorable pink three piece sketchers outfit I bought won't fit her and Sam's club doesn't have it in her size. That's the problem with shopping for gifts at Sam's club. It's not like they let nonmembers in to exchange things given to them as gifts. What was I thinking? I know, it was both adorable and extremely affordable.

My bad. I have no time or desire to go look for anything else at this point. Then the outfit we got for the baby has dirt marks on it that we didn't see when we bought it. Can I not catch a break here?

For Christmas morning, per tradition I'll make Monkey-nut bread for breakfast and my famous orange-cranberry muffins. To keep the kiddos from fainting while they smell the roast beast roasting I'll have stuffed eggs, shrimp cocktail, garlic-dill cheese curds, a veggie tray with chips and dip, Kangaroo flat bread w/spinach artichoke dip, and clementines.

Here's the dinner menu:

Pot roast with gravy
Mashed potatoes
Sweet potatoes
Green bean casserole
Peas and corn w/herbed butter sauce
Brussel sprouts
Jellied cranberry sauce


Traditional Fruit Salad (made with whipped cream, mini marshmallows and walnuts)
Andes mint pie
And the birthday cake for Jesus with peppermint ice cream

Did I mention there's only going to be six of us. Yep. I'm going to break my back in the kitchen half of the day just for our little family. But I do it because we love Christmas and the children love all the traditional foods that come with a Christmas "feast". Like all families, everyone has a favorite and Christmas is just not Christmas without it. I only wish all of our family was here to join us.

I'm almost done and ready to get moving. We've already got the sparkling cider flowing.

Yeah, we're party animals.