December 30, 2004

I am so super annoyed right now

Two days before Christmas I found this train table online at sams. Only available online at Sams. Lil' J wants a train, it was not in their stupid auction listing at this point, it was $129 for the table and train set, can't beat that. But I didn't have the money at the time, and wasn't sure what we wanted so I go back the night before last to buy it and it's totally gone? Huh? So I look around and happen to notice they have auctions.

Since when is Sams going all eBay on us? But anyways, pushing aside the oddness at hand in pursuit of my lil' man's train set, I looked and sure enough there's the train set. So ok whatever, I'll bid, and buy it this way. One auction is at $137 which is more then it was originally, not a biggy though, still cheaper then most train tables without the train. So I bid and guess what shipping is? $128!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beep!!! Oops, have to keep working on my propensity to swear when something totally injust or insane happens. Are they out of their freaking minds? What the heck is that? For $128 they better be walking their butts across this country, carrying that table up on their shoulders, waddling step by step, no bathroom breaks!!! I mean, $1 cheaper then the actual item was in store online? Who the heck is their 'common carrier' to charge that much to ship a train table? It doesn't list the weight, but I don't care anyways, it can't possibly be a 1000lbs+ which is the only way I'd consider paying that much in shipping.

R has shipped weightlifting equipment cheaper then that. I mean, if you buy a treadmill or leg machine at like $500 a shipping cost of $60 to $100 bites but it's logical. But $128 in shipping for a $129 train table? It's insanity. Jake has $170 in Christmas money, yes my 4 y/o has $170 of fun money to burn.

But at this rate, he might never see a train table set cause anyone that asks me to pay $128 has to be out of their mind.

Ugh, how nuts is that? Samsclub online needs to stop smoking crack and find a new shipping carrier. Hmmpf. Now, will someone help me find a train table and train set for under $170 shipped. Puhllllllleaeeeeeeeeeeeeese? Or is it a lost cause? Should I take wood shop again and start sanding?

Ok, I feel better now.