December 22, 2004

Sandy Shares her Tamale Recipe

Richard has been eating christmas crockpot meats all week. We are going to our friends house for Christmas eve, where we'll dine on crockpot turkey gravy. Mmm, crockpot turkey, again.

So, I'm thinking we need something new for Christmas. We love mexican food, we like tamales, and we know a lot of people have them at Christmas. What are we waiting for? So I ask my friend Sandy what's the secret to making good tamales. She is very helpful and agreed to share her knowledge with me. Because I'm a swell kind of girl, and in the spirit of Christmas, I'm passing it on to you. Here goes, make sure you have a paper and pen. Oh, I think you might even need the yellow pages as well. Why you ask?

Her secret to making good tamales....

1. Pick up the phone
2. Call the local mexican store/market
3. Place your order
4. Pick up day before you need them (or same day if they are open)

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee, there you go. Tamales for Christmas. ;o)

Here is a link if you really want to make them yourself. If you like to know the history of your food, there's even a link to the tamale queen.