December 22, 2004

Concerts, Cookies, Cold Weather

It is SO cold here. I know I keep saying this, and who cares about weather but now I understand the concept of 'shrinkage'. I just wish it would snow and be done with it already. At least the temperature goes up a bit. I already have cabin fever and Christmas isn't even here yet. (only 2 more shopping days til Christmas) *smirk*

I think I'm gonna sign up for tanning this winter, might help with S.A.D. I got lil J's Hulk toys wrapped up, this house is starting to feel like the marvel headquarters. Richard is even scoping out his superman tattoo. Whoo hoo. The tree is looking purty, I took pics of my new butterfly ornament.

We went to lil' J's Christmas show last night, finally we are done. Phew. He was super nervous. He had this shy little smile, he was biting his lip, and looking for us in the audience. When he spotted us, he was shyly waving. He was the cutest one up there of course.

They sang Silent Night. If I could get my stupid computer to upload my pics, I'd show you some. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Right now, I can only get them to upload with Richard's, which doesn't have hello installed. I think I have to get new batteries too, cause it never has the amount of charge it should. Digital is awesome, but can be a pain. With digital, the battery is the film. J (14) hung out with his friends the whole time. He left that school in October. I think they envied the fact he could grow his hair out longer and shaggier then they could. He's Mr. Popular as usual, only this time he was shooting the breeze with some graduated teens. When he pointed out I was his mom, their expressions were kinda puzzled. I'm only 31, and look younger, he's 14. They don't believe him sometimes. :o)

Remember, this is a conservative Christian school. J went there from 4th grade to 8th. (repeating 7th once) Lil' J is in K4 and started there cause brother was going there. We'll see what we do with lil' J next year, he loves his new buddies, but I have issues with that school. Mah girls know what they are!! It's in God's hands though, no worries.

Ok, let me rant one second. I made all these yummy chocolate chip cookies with holiday shapes in them. I have one bag of 6 left, and another of 3. Now, what am I going to do with a bag of 3 cookies?

I know what Betsy wants, a bag of 3 cookies. Mmm, how thoughtful.

I guess I have to bake when no one is gonna be around, or hide them, and send them off before they get devoured. Or maybe I need to just bake more often so they don't think they have to stock up for next year. Ok ok, so I admit, I ate four myself, but they were extra you know. I made my speciality last night and will make more today. Mexican wedding cakes, with roasted walnuts. You might call them snowballs, pecan fingers, or rumballs if you're a holiday lush. If you want the recipe, leave a comment and I'll post it.

Oh, I watched King Arthur last night. I didn't get to see it in the theater. I love netflix!! It was ok, very graphic and violent of course, squeamy's need not watch. Great special effects though, and an interesting interpretation of the legend of Arthur. Here's a review from Christian Answers. Lancelot doesn't get the girl though. Hmmmmm. They showed a clip for The Village, I can't wait for it to come out in Feburary. It's a buyer for me, no burning!! Ahem, not that I know what burning a DVD is.

Not much for now, just trying to stay consistent, even if I don't have much to say.