December 12, 2004

Only 12 more days

of shopping until Christmas, and last I checked I haven't even started. Hmm, let me check again.....

Um, no, still haven't started. Yeah yeah, I can hear you snickering. And just where should I find the time with four kids, 3 cats, pinworms, and mice?

The painters came by on Friday. Yay, finally somebody other then myself is doing some work.

The painter brought 3 other guys with him. The staring & corny jokes were starting to get creepy so I retreated to my basement. I needed a good a excuse to play some yahoo pool in the middle of the day. After what seemed like hours in the dungeoun basement, where I thought it would be a good hiding from the fumes, I emerged upstairs a little high off paint fumes to see my livingroom & diningroom looking brand spanking new. I was giddy with glee at the sight. Or was that the paint fumes?

Never mind, I have clean, freshly painted walls! (For now)

What color is it you ask? White. Just plain white. Boring, I know. Sorry no pictures, you'll just have to make like Barney and "use your imaaaginaaaations".

So now, I get to spend some of my hard working husbands money to add some color. It's a hard job, but somebody has to do it.

I'm also gonna dig through all my photographs to start framing this winter.

It will be my I'm- going- flippin' nuts-cause-I haven't- seen-the sun-for-like-5- days-and-it's-so-cold-outside-that-you-can-even-feel-your-fillings-and-you-barely-leave-the-house-at-all-so-you-begin-to-think-your-being-buried-alive-in-your-own-livingroom project.

That should give me something to do when cabin fever kicks in. I will post Christmas pictures later I promise. Just be patient girls (you know who you are)