December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas

Peace and Good Will Towards All Man. Christmas is many different things to all of us. At this time, I remember it's from the cradle to the cross for you. (and me)

I talked to my mom today, I broke down crying again. My grandpa answered the phone, and he's having a very hard time. He's losing his love and best friend of over 50 years. Should I have went out there on Dec 10th? I don't know. This Christmas has been hard for all of them. I hugged my babies more, listened more, and told them I loved them more.

Hey everyone, Merry Christmas, cherish yesterday & all its memories, eagerly embrace tomorrow, living life to the fullest, don't waste a day, don't put off a phone call, a card, a picture, a day spent with a friend or loved one.