December 20, 2004

I'm Not Doing Much Today

No more depressing novels. I tried to post last night but my computer just rebooted all on its own. Since when do they think for themselves? Or was it pc poltergiest?

I'm Betty Crocker-homemaker today.I'm baking cookies, making up gift bags, and filing all these papers. All I need is some surreal music, and gentle snow fall outside.

What else do I have to do today?

Christmas cards
Tackle Mt. Washmore
Decorate Cookies
Wrap Presents
Make Phone calls

And that's it. Don't ask anymore of me. Well, you can ask, but I can't hear you. La-la- la- la, I can't hear you.

Oh, and the painter came a few mins ago to patch an area on the ceiling. I truly feel bad for the man. It's frigid outside. It's so cold here I may never leave the house again. Just give me a tanning light for Christmas and I'll hide out in my room til Spring.

Sorry to mah girls, that I haven't posted decorating pics yet, having some technical difficulties.