May 23, 2005

Drive by is reformed

Squishy's bus driver (aka Drive By) has patiently waited for him every day now since I phoned the company. If he's already there, he waits nicely. He usually doesn't show up though until he should, and now Squishy has a chance to sit down before he drives off.

The driver even smiles now. I was shocked. I smiled back. All is good in K4 land.

Oh, and what the morning driver lacked, the afternoon driver made up for 10x fold. Yesterday when Squishy came home from school, the driver let him run into the house to show his buds his new Batman toy. Yeah, J.R is one cool dude. (Squishy says so)

Big boy

Squishy in the Fall. Back 'when he was wittle'. (He's a BIG boy now, you know, being 5 and all)