May 25, 2005

TP mystery solved

Too much?
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After yesterdays drama about diapers, and the Zen & Joy of diapering that some of us apparently are missing out on, I remembered this picture I shot of Squishy when he was potty training.

Potty training. Just those two words alone make some parents whince. Some of us, jump and shout with glee at the prospect of not changing diapers anymore. Yet, potty training comes with its own issues.

Take for instance, vanishing toilet paper, which is always closely followed by clogged toilets. You see, for a two year old, it is perfectly logical to use a whole roll to wipe a bottom even if it never made "poo-pees"

Flushing anything in site is also a favorite. Ask my plumber.

What fun. What hysteria. What a headache. Ah, but the memories.