May 21, 2005

Happy Anniversary to me

Honey, has it been twelve or thirteen years?

The Husband informs me it has been twelves years. Yeah, I know, I'm the woman, and am always forgetting how many years it has been. Or realizing just the day before that it's our anniversary. I've been pregnant or lactating for like forever, I have a legitimate excuse. I've been with the man since I was fifteen. It feels like it has been 100 years. I'm only thirty-one, and it feels like we've been together for half my life. Wait, that's because we have been together for half of my life. Duh.

So, what have we done? It's Saturday, we slept in of course. We skipped the Sunday school pinic for sleep, a quickie & a shower where we can grope each other AND get clean. That's what you do when you're married with 4 kids. You multi-task.

Then we went to our local
natural foods co-op where the kids like to stare at the stockers with dreadlocks & anime tattoos. Why is it that some of these "natural" types look like a cross between Marilyn Mansion & Bob Marley? To each their own. Hey, they remind me of my highschool days. Why again did I throw out my pointy, lime green, suede Doc Marten books?

So, I could be a 'grown up'?

After we got our groceries,
fake meat products, dairy-free fudgesicles, (someone please tell me what's natural about faux foods?) & bulk oatmeal I threw caution to the wind and bought us a chocolate cake with purdy pink roses. (the cheesecake with strawberry topping doesn't count as no one saw me eat it)

As usual the kids can't seem to entertain themselves at a time when we'd like to be a-looone. *wink wink* (I think on some subconcious level they do this on purpose to insure there are no more siblings)

Hubby watches nerd TV, works out, then I get to see the
Star Wars movie at 9pm. You know, he's being ever so kind to see it again, on account of my wanting to see it and all.

I guess its no more sex for me. (Unless I want to wait til midnight...which is about when the kids finally go to sleep) It's cheesecake and blog hopping. Oh yeah.

But did I say how much I DO love this man? Even when he has been a total chump, God helped me love him anyways.

Afterall, he loves me, even though my middle name is p.i.t.a. It's a bit easier to love someone without condition when you know you can be a screw up too. God has been so good to us. Now to mentioned, he's a good lover. ;o)

Oh, and he's a godly man, treats me like a princess, and he's so good at saying, 'yes dear'.