May 25, 2005

Maybe I'm not an Evangelical after all?

(This was posted originally on 5/20 & is a sticky post now, I'll reply to comments as I get the chance. :o)

Lately, I've been learning the differences in the Christian denominations of my online girlfriends. I've even explained why I don't think the Christian & Mormon God are the same. I'm classifed as born again, and would be considered the "fundie" as I think I take the Bible the most literal of these friends.

Yet even still, my request to join
Women4God blogs was not accepted. Here's the response I was given a few months back. "We have received your application for Women4God Blogs. Unfortunately we are unable to approve your application at this time. God bless you." -Women4God Blogs

Since I am a woman for God, and an Evangelical I figured I'd qualify. I guess not. Its funny because recently a friend of mine, that doesn't quite share my spiritual beliefs, accurately points out that I'm a 'born again' type, and rather strongly committed to traditional Christianity on the fundamentals. One could try and label me as a
woman with dispensational doctrinal views, so therefore theoretcially I should fit into the category. Nope.

Somehow, one can find me too evangelical, and another says I'm not enough. It goes to show you can't please everyone, and nor should you try. My feelings aren't hurt, but since I wasn't given a reason I can only guess as to why my qualifications as an American Evangelical
woman are substandard.

In no way do I mean to offend, just poking some fun at myself. These are some of the stereotypes things others have thought I should do or believe. Or what I've been judged by.

You can consider yourself 'tagged', so please reply here or on your blog about why you're not a "proper" -insert label- when compared to stereotypes.

Although I did vote for Dubya, I don't consider him to be my Christian role model
I do not have a "The road to hell is paved with liberals" bumper sticker on my car
I let my kids go trick-or-treating at
Halloween & passed out candy (and Bible tracts)
I don't think 'unbelievers' are Democrats. Actually I might be a republocrat
I do not hang an American flag outside my home, nor would I
properly know how to
I don't listen to
Rush or conservative talk radio
I have never read a
Max Lucado book
I don't think
Christian contemporary is imitating satanic rock music
I quit reading the
Left Behind series after book 3
I read the
Prayer of Jabez after a relative gave it to me, but never practiced it ritually
I don't think
Jerry Falwell should be allowed to speak on behalf of the Church
I typically dislike Christian TV, except for
Zola Levitt, Dr. Whitcomb & Adrian Rogers
I don't think that only traditional hymns should be allowed in worship nor do I see how singing Shout to the Lord at Easter is radical modernism (some at my church did)
I don't think my girls should only be allowed to wear dresses with collars the size of dinner plates
I don't think if my son wants to grow his hair past his ears he's a rebel
I sometimes wear pants to
I have never picketed an abortion clinic
I've never
boycotted Disney
I don't think listening to some secular music or watching TV makes me a lover of the world
I had no idea who
Elizabeth Elliot was until recently
I do not own a
Thomas Kindcaid painting
My idea of a women's Bible study does not consist of discussing pagan conspiracy theories directed towards my children
I don't think Ezzo is fit to write parenting books or claim its 'godly' parenting (either do
these folks)
I didn't notice
Spongebob Squarepants was gay
I occasionally drink a beer or wine cooler
I watch
American Idol without worrying that I'm secretly being programmed to idol worship
My husband has tattoos & I have a body piercing
I don't think animals were created for me to eat
I don't see how
oral sex can be considered sodomy
I know the
Sabbath wasn't changed to Sunday, but I don't "keep" Sunday as a Sabbath either
I have cable TV
I don't think
Tony Blair is the antichrist
Although I see key doctrinal differences between the the Catholic Church & Evangelicals I don't believe the Catholic Church is the "woman riding the beast" or all Catholics are 'lost'
I love to dance, including belly-dancing

I don't believe God only loves christians

So there goes, but I have a feeling this list will be growing.