January 17, 2005

Cold, Cranky and Complaining

Yes, what a news flash for those of you that know it's Winter. If not, come on over and I'll give you a dose of a what a real Winter is like. This sounds odd coming for a San Diego native I'm sure.

But alas, I have been here six years now. It's official, I am a
wisconsite now. And with that comes complaining. I don't even know how cold it is right at this moment and I don't care to check. I prefer to live in denial at this point. I'm Sparky in Christmas vacation, looking outside at four inches of ice in my yard, imagining a sunny poolside, frosty drinks with colorful umbrellas and Brad Pitt....er I mean my sexy husband splashing around.

Wait, no, this can't be right, what is that? I'm abruptly snapped out of my dream world when I notice my window is cracked from top to bottom. Yes, frigid weather can do that to glass. It can do other things that aren't so nice. Just think of
George on Seinfeld. Does the term, like a frightened turtle come to mind?

So, what did I do all weekend you ask? (Let's just pretend that you did) Well, absolutely nothing. Unless you considering doing load after load of laundry something worth mentioning. Then there was the constant vacuuming. Oh, how about a few games of pool and uploading of pictures? Maybe bleaching the toilets out can count as weekend hoopla? Sorting through endless piles of paperwork and junkmail? How about actually cooking a meal? (I was lucky enough to have breakfast made for me by my fabulous husband and he even made pizza for dinner too)

What I really would have liked to have done is:

But if what I really did counts as something , then I had a swell time this weekend. Let's do it again! (not) Why am I vaccuming like crazy again? Bleaching things?

Yes, you might have guessed. If you've been following. Snoo (12) has her "little friends" visiting again. I suspect they never left. Aww, joy. This poor kid is in full on meltdown mode. Wanna know why? (Maybe you don't, but I'm gonna tell you anyways.) Besides the constant crying of, "why me?" and "I just had this last month", there's the endless piles of tissues in her room from crying, nonstop rambling of how unfair it is, and everything she's worried about. (How she fears we'll be mad at her, late work, missing school, my having to clean non stop, staying in her room most of the day.) Bless hear heart.

Then there's the booklet she made entitled "Does God love me?" complete with illustrations of why God might not love her as he keeps choosing her to have intestinal parasites. Nevermind that she still bites at her nails and touches everything she can. Or the fact she's very fond of sliding her hands down every railing and wall in her school building and doesn't wash her hands enough. She does have a side illustrating all the reasons why she thinks God does love her. So, I guess this is turning into a spiritual pilgrimage for her. Who would have thought?

On other note, Mooch doesn't have school today. Since she's in the MPS school district, they have MLK's day off. However, apparently the almost all white suburb we live in feels it's unnesscary to adhere to the traditon of no school on MLK. So, as usual J is up at 6am and Richard is hollaring at him to get his butt moving. I am standing out at the bus stop with Lil' J at 7:35am, praying it's not late again less we freeze to death. All this while Mooch is all snuggled on the warm couch. (What, you didn't think she'd actually sleep in her room, shared by her sister, did you? I might never get her back in there again!) Snoo gets to stay home by default.

Actually any minute her school will be calling me saying, "We are just calling and checking why Snoo is not at school today". She will phrase it just like that, and I'll want to respond with, "because, you continue to fail to alert the parents of when another student is carrying a highly contagious parasitic worm, and she's gotten it AGAIN!" But, this time I won't. I'm too nice. I will tell her why of course, and then her response will be, "oh, we're sorry she won't be here today. We'll look for her tomorrow." Oh. My. God. Are they deaf?

Did you not hear me lady? You really want her back to school tomorrow? If they even so much as see lint in a kids hair, there's all these letters coming home, "your child has been exposed to lice." No such common courtesy for
pinworms. Even though, it's 10 times more contagious, and can be a lot harder to get rid of. We have learned this since she's gotten them again!

I am going to call though and complain that there isn't ever any warning. She's picking it up from school obviously and I find it hard to believe that none of the other children have missed school because of this, or they don't know. Unless some dumbass parent is rude enough to just send their kid anyways? In that case, when I find them, I'm going to kick their butt. Seriously. I know that doesn't sound Christ like but then maybe you haven't had them yourself or had to go through your child having them three times!!! Besides, as you can see, I am still human and subject to nice so nice urges.

Subject change. *scratches head* I guess today Mooch and I are supposed to have our 'girl time' and watch a movie and eat popcorn. I feel bad though, cause that will be leaving Snoo out. I think I can hear her crying upstairs even now! Nevermind, that was her singing. Good thing they have those gift certificates for pedicures and manicures at the Kids Salon. When this is all over (please tell me it will be) we'll go have lunch and a spa day. I can hear Ash the cat, trying to dig into the Sponge Bob Square Pants Cheez-it box, he's actually licking it now. Fun, fun, fun. I'm off.

In the mean time, I'm gonna go drink very hot chai and dream of far away germ free, warm places.