January 19, 2005

It's day 3 already

S has been home for 3 days now. Poor girl. We will definately make an appt for that salon next week.

I got two notices from two different schools saying that the immunization records for M & J are needed by, such and such date, or I will be fined $25 per day. Um, hello, M has been there since K4, and I'm not aware of any office fire, so if they don't have this info, it's their fault not mine. She's been up to date for years, including the chicken pox shot. *Sigh* Then J's new school also sent me a curt threatening letter. All that info was given to the main enrollment office, not my problem that they didn't forward it, and the school itself never asked or doubled checked on his first official day. I guess they were too busy tallying up the $170 in fees they wanted from us.

Whatever happened to a letter saying, "oops, we seem to not have their records on file, can you please get it to us asap, thank you," Instead they are getting all ninja on me. So, I get to go copy the info again, stuff it an envelope and pray the kids don't forget to turn it in for weeks like they do with everything else. The office loves me. I'm always calling and bugging them. Especially now that M's school has her passport on file. It wasn't signed yet and I sent it along so they could verify she had it and write the # down. I knew we'd give it to them about a month before the trip. Well they have kept it so I called and told them it's not signed yet, make sure she goes to the office and signs it. They still haven't had her sign it, it's in their school safe. I can just see it not happening and being neglected until mins before it's stamped and there being some issue.

The schwans guy is coming tonight and normally I don't care, but I'm looking foward to my over priced strawberry crunch ice cream bars. Mmm...nothing like ice cream on a cold day. Oh wait, I wonder if it's too late to ask for the berry cobbler? It's probably no where near as good as mine, but it's winter, I feel the need to fatten up a bit.