January 26, 2005

School Field Trip

Mood: Hopeful
Song: Raspberry Beret

Mooch had a field trip today and my wonderful hubby took the day off so I could go with her. Lil J gets off the bus at 11:30a and the field was from 11:30a to 2pm. I have to admit, at first I wasn't entirely thrilled about going. I just wasn't in the mood for leaving my warm house, driving down to the school, riding the school bus with noisy kids, and doing it all in reverse after it was over. But since I love Mooch so much and this is her last year at MFIS, as she graduates the 5th grade this year, I signed up and she was so happy that I got picked since many times another parent gets to go.

I have to say that I am so glad I went! It was wonderfully refreshing. They went to the MSO and we were treated to music as well as some ballet. The dancers did some different numbers according to the composer. One of them was a skat time dance. The girls giggled at the male dancer. Well, you know how that is, tight tights on a guy. He was, um, not poorly porportioned shall I say. Don't go trying to head down with your flirty face on girls, ya know he's gay. ;o) HA! I pretended to not know what was so funny as I was thinking, so that is what glutes should look like. The female dancer, Candance, was lovely. However, I couldn't help but notice that she was absolutely and completely flat chested. Ok, so maybe when you squinted you could manage to see a crease in her dress where she had nipples. I found myself thinking for a moment, why are women trying to be so thin they lose all the features that make a woman's body so beautiful? She needed some curves. I know, I know, she's a ballet dancer. I did say completely flat chested though right? Hmm, maybe she is just from a family of very small chested woman, we can't all be Anna Nicole Smith. Wait, hers are fake. Moving on....

I wish they gave us a booket of all the pieces they performed because I can't remember them. I can say though, it was a collection of 'dance' composers so we heard one from Russia, a Mexican piece, skat, and my favorite Duke Ellington. If Duke wanted to compose a song that inspires dance, you are going to dance! I don't even think my dance wallflower husband could sit motionless.

It was a great time, I just love music. It can make me happy, sad, excited, inspired, enthusiastic, dreamy....... Think about it, music is a part of just about every human gathering. Birthday's, weddings, funerals, graduations, reunions, religious ceremonies, commerations, even war! Maybe it's just the Irish in me though, I don't know how you can come from the land of scholars and music and not have music be a part of your soul.

Today was just what I needed, my not so little girl leaning her head on my shoulder, some great music to stir my soul, my hopes, and my dreams.

I've already forgotten about having to sit by the very stinky 4th grade boy , sharing jokes like "What kind of plant falls?" I dunno, what kind? "A tumbleweed, get it!? Uh ahahah Uh huhahaha"

Yeah I get it, a heh, a heh.