January 08, 2005

Ode to Adri

I forgot to thank my friend Adri for the things I steal borrow from her blog. Like the blogger pet I added. Or I should say Richard added. Like I have time to mess with HTML code. Yeah, right.

I'm not sure why I need it or what it does, but I like accessories, so bring on the blog bling!

I wonder though, why does it have to be a white cat. It's obvious I'm a copy cat, pun intended. And frankly it reminds me of my white evil pansy cat that insists on pissing by the front door. I think we need more choices, like maybe a water buffalo. Or a

A panda bear would be cute, but if I do say so myself, I must have a butterfly pet.

Check out the artwork
Adri has up of the mom nursing her babe with the wee ones close by. It's too divine. I think that print would make a good gift for our breastfeeding Nazi friend, Kris. Her words, not mine.